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Apache Wedding Prayer
Now we feel no rain, For each of us will be shelter to the other
Now we feel no cold, For each of us will be warmth to the other
Now there is no loneliness, For each of us will be companion to the other
We are two bodies, But there is one life before us and one home
When evening falls, I'll look up and there you will be
I'll take your hand, You'll take mine and we'll turn together
To look at the road we travelled to reach this - the hour of happiness
It stretches behind us, Even as the future lies ahead
A long winding road, Whose every turn means discovery
Old hopes, new laughter, Shared fears
The adventure has just begun.

The ABC's of Marriage
A - Absolutely adore each other
B- Be best friends
C- Compromise
D- Discover new things together
E- Encourage each other
F- Forgive and forget
G- Gaze into each other's eyes
H- Hold hands and hug a lot
I - Inspire and intrigue each other
J- Joke and laugh and have fun
K - Kiss, kiss, kiss
L- Listen with all your heart
M- Marvel at each other's talents
N- Nurture each other's souls
O - Overcome problems together
P - Play games together
Q - Quiet each other's fears
R- Remember the little things
S- Say "I Love You" everyday
T- Take time for tenderness
U- Understand and care deeply
V- Value everything you share
W-Wish on stars together
X- Xpress your true feelings
Y- Yearn for each other's touch
Zzzzzzzz in each other's arms

I Never Dreamed
I never dreamed on smile could fill
my world with warmth and light,
until your smile made all my days
so beautiful and bright.
I never thought that love could be
this endless deep and true,
until the day I gave my heart
and all my love to you.

This Day
In my book of memories
I'm sure this day will be
a wonderful treasure...
this sweet memory!

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