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 a LOAD of Christmas poems... Scrapbookingtop50 Counter
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Scrapaholic Turtle
Scrapaholic Turtle

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 30, 2006 8:44 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

that I found on Christmas cards I have.

These were found on my HUGE collection of Christmas cards that I save up! I NEVER throw away a card!!! I even collect them from my mom, MIL, friends,etc!!! I have added the poet's name where provided on the card.

*Where there are ( ) you can change the words to suit your own needs.
**Sometimes the ( ) show what is written on the front and inside.
There's a
very special (nephew)
Living in your neighbourhood-
A (nephew) who is lots of fun,
And nearly always good!
He's liked a lot by Santa
And by all his reindeer,too-
Can you guess
who that (nephew) is?
Of course you can-he's you!

(Grandsons) really like
playing and skating,
Christmas gift wrapping,
and tree decoration--
(Grandsons) really are
dear and nice,too,
Especially one
certain (grandson)--
that's YOU!

The Christmas spirit
fills the world
On each home see it fall,
Replacing darkness
with its light,
Shining with love for all.

What is a happy family made of?
Hearts full of memories,
Closeness and caring,
Warmth and affection,
Good times and sharing,
Laughter and pride,
Contentment and love--
That's what
a happy family's made of.
-Margaret Lindsey

Not only when
it's Christmas time,
But every day of the year,
Thoughts turn to all
the special things
That make your family dear--
The closeness
that we've always had,
Traditions that we've kept,
The pleasant get-togethers,
Happy times we won't forget--

And with each cherished memory,
Through each passing year,
More loving thoughts
will turn to you
And always keep you near.

Wishing you a
Beautiful Christmas
and a New Year
of Peace and Happiness

God looked down
one winter's night
Upon a world
deprived of light;
God came down,
and darkness passed...
The flame of Hope
was lit at last!

"God sent his only begotten Son into the
world, that we might live through him."
-1 John 4:9

May you always have
the priceless gift of God's love
to warm your world.
May you always have the special joy
of Christmas in your heart.

Merry 1st Christmas
This Christmas, there's a stocking
That is making a debut--
it belongs to someone special,
To whom Christmas is brand-new.
And though this little stocking
May appear to be quite small,
it marks
the most important Christmas--
Baby's very first of all!
And while Santa Claus may fill it
With some truly special things,
No gift could match the happiness
And love that Baby brings.

Wishing you many blessings
at Christmas and in
the coming year.

To the One I Love
Christmas has a beauty
that seems more rare this year,
Christmas has traditions
that now I hold more dear,
Christmas has a magic,
a special sparkle,too.
And love in every carol sung...
all because of you.

With Love
to a Special Daughter
and a Fine Son-in-law
You're a very loving daughter
and a very special "son"
And that is why
the Christmas card
is such a heartfelt one,
And it isn't any secret
that you're loved
throughout the year,
But it's always nice
reminding you
when days like this are here!

How sweet it is
to love someone,
How fine it is
to care...

For My Husband
With Love at Christmas
It seems there's little time
in our busy, hurried life
for telling you I love you
and I'm proud to be your wife--
And though this Christmas wish is meant
just for today, it's true,
I hope you know my love is yours
each day the whole year through.

To a Wonderful Husband

You're a lot better than Santa...
You give me what I want
every day of the year!

For a Dear Sister
and Her Family
Wishing you a Season
Filled with Love
A Christmas wish
for a dear sister
and her wonderful family,too--
May extra-special moments
Fill this holiday season
for you--

And may every day
of the new year
Bring all of you only the best
Because you're the kind of family
Who deserves
only life's happiest.

We've so much
we should celebrate
as Christmas comes again:
There's you and me,
our family,
our relatives and friends.
There's all that the
season stands for...
Peace and Joy and Love...
And all good things shared
in our small gift-
And it's called Christmas Love.

May your Christmas bring
the special things
that set a day apart--
A dream come true,
a nice surprise,
a wish dear to your heart,
Happy memories to recall,
and hours warmed by love--
All the very special things
you're so deserving of.

The world is filled
with pleasant things,
And one of the best by far
is having a (sister)
and (brother-in-law)
As nice as you two are,
So you shouldn't be
surprised today
To open this and find
The thoughts and wishes
that it brings
Are the warm and loving kind!

With You
All The Happiness
Of The
Christmas Season

With warm and friendly wishes for a
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Thinking of you
and letting you know
you're wished a wonderful Christmas!

With many good wishes
for the holidays and the coming year.

One of the real joys of the Holiday Season is the
opportunity to say Thank You
and to wish you the very best for the New Year.

Wishing you a warm,
Merry Christmas and
the happiest of New Years

Served with Best wishes from:
(this is nice to put inside a card with a gingerbread recipe on the front!)

The delights of Christmas...
a joy to share

Best wishes
for the
And Happiness
the New Year
Christmas greetings and many wishes
for the coming year.

May you and
those you love
be Blessed by a
Joyous Christmas
May a little bit of love
touch every corner
of your Christmas!

However you spend it,
Whatever you do,
Hope it's lots of
fun for you.
(this would be nice to add to a card in which you are giving money!)

A brand-new name's
on Santa's list,
And he knows where to stop
To fill a brand-new stocking
With surprises to the top!

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas Day
filled with more joy
than these few words can say
to a (grandma) who's special--that's you!
And because you're so thoughtful,
so sweet and so dear,
and you mean even more
with each passing year,
you're wished happy times
all year through!

For Loveable You...

...With a great big hug
and a wish
For a Merry Christmas!

Wishing you your favourite things
and dreams that all come true
Especially on Christmas Day
and throughout the New Year too!

Sending you the very warmest wishes
for the merriest Christmas ever

Wishing you all the ingredients of a truly blessed Christmas:
the nearness of family, the friendships you cherish,
and His ever -present love,

As Christmas comes,
soft and still,
May the spirit of peace
gently fill
Your heart and home
with love and goodwill

Best wishes for happiness
at Christmas and in the coming year.

Holiday Greetings
and all best wishes
for a wonderful New Year

Wishing you Joy
and Happiness
not only at Christmas
but every day
of the New Year

Best wishes for Peace and Joy this holiday Season
and a New Year of
Health, Happiness and Prosperity

May yours be
a wonderful Christmas
and a very happy
New Year

It wouldn't seem like Christmas
if folks didn't take time to send
a greeting card or letter,
to relatives and friends.
We wouldn't feel right at Christmas
if we didn't take time to say,
We wish you joy and happiness
on this very special day!

Remembering loved ones is a way
of brightening each December,
And, when there's a couple dear as you
to lovingly remember,
You may be sure the season glows
with warmth and love and cheer,
For no one gladdens Christmas
more than you do every year!

Merry Christmas
to that wonderful woman
who shares my magic moments
and my mistletoe,
my dreams and my life...
Merry Christmas
to the lady I love...
my beautiful wife.

Christmas may very well be
the time for wishes to come true.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas
and so much more.
Wishing you happiness and good health.
Wishing you good fortune and peace of mind.
And most of all, wishing you love...
that comforts and is always near.

This brings
the season's greetings
And the warmest wishes too,
For a Christmas day
that's wonderful
In every way for you

May this season of peace and joy
bring you much happiness.

Open your heart's door to
the glory of his presence...
to the joy of...his love

Hope your holidays
are decorated
with happiness!

Wishing you
the brightest joys
of the Christmas season

Seasons Greetings
and Sincere Good Wishes for Happiness
All Through the Coming Year

Wishing you all the
and joy
of the Christmas season

You're thought of especially
At Christmastime. May you enjoy
the season with all the things
that are close to your heart.

Wishing you
and your family
a memorable
Christmas, and a
happy and healthy
New Year.

A holiday greeting
To tell you sincerely
You're all thought of often
And loved very dearly--
That's why there is love
In the warm wishes here
For a home filled with gladness
And hearts filled with cheer.

Have fun this Christmas!

Thank you...
for loving me
in spite of my shortcomings,
for counting on me
and sharing my dreams,
for making me feel like
the most important person
in the world, and for being everything
I ever hoped for
in a wife.

Wishing all of you
every joy of the season
because you are loved so much!

You're seldom told
how much you mean,
how dear you really are,
but Christmas seems
the perfect time to say
You're cared about and wished
a wealth of happy memories
to warm your hearts
and light your Christmas Day.

Wishing you a day
that's full of joy and cheer,
with happiness that's
sure to last
throughout the coming year.

To you and those you love-
all the blessings
of this beautiful season

He is our reason to rejoice...
to hope...to live...
May He be your peace
throughout each day of life.

May All Your Wishes Come True
This Holiday Season

Wishing you
all the joy and love
this Christmas season

An especially warm wish
for the Holiday season
and the best of everything
in the New Year

May peace and joy surround you
this season
and may love light your way
at Christmas and always

Merry 1st Christmas
There's someone new
on Santa's list,
Someone small and dear,
Someone Santa's
sure to love
And visit every year!

As you race
through the season,
be sure to catch
lots of fun
and have a merry,
merry Christmas!

May the miracle
of Christmas
fill your heart
with peace and joy!

A good old-fashioned
Is being wished for you-
And may the season's
Brighten your
New Year,too!

Merry Christmas
to a (daddy) who is
wonderful, outstanding
and fantastic--
not to mention cool!

Warm wishes for your happiness
at Christmas and through the
coming year

We've shared a lot of Christmases--
Times of joy and fun,
And I have happy memories
Of every single one...
And every Christmas spent with you
Is nicer than before,
Because with every passing year
I love you more and more.

wishing you all the joys
of the
Christmas Season
and a very
Happy New Year

As the Christmas story is told again,
may it bring you hope and happiness.

Hope your Christmas
is wonderfully merry,
and your new year
is the best one of all!

This time of year brings
joy to many hearts.
May yours be
touched and lightened
by the beauty
of Christmas.

Christmas brings the opportunity
To let a wife who's held so dear
Know how much she's cherished
And loved all through the year.
For it wouldn't seem like Christmas
If I didn't take the time
To wish the joy of the Holiday
To this wonderful wife of mine!

As you recall the story
Of the Savior's holy birth,
May you share the joy and wonder
Of the blessing, "Peace on Earth!"
And through the coming New Year
May God look down and bless
Your home and all your family
With love and happiness.

Wishing you loads
of Christmas happiness!

May the gift of joy
and the blessing of peace
be yours this Christmas
and in the New Year!

You're a very special (grandmother)
who brightens any day
With all the thoughtful,
loving things
you always do and say--
You're a very special (grandmother)
who add such joy to living,
That's why you're loved so much
for all the joy you're always giving.

May your Christmas season,
And every season of your life,
Begin with the One
Whose love knows no end.

Two little wishes,
warm and sincere.
A wonderful Christmas!
A Happy New Year!
My Special Christmas Gift
to You, My (Husband)
This Christmas, I'd like
to give you something special~
a present no one else could give.
But it's hard to find a gift
to express the depth of my emotions
or my gratitude for all the things
we already have.
Together, we have created and given
the things that are truly important:
our hopes, our dreams,
and our shared moments...

This Christmas, my (husband),
I'd like to give you something
that will show how much
I truly cherish us
and the relationship
we have together.
My gift to you is
the reaffirmation of my love;
the reassurance that now and forever
you have the most precious gifts
I could give:
my heart, my soul,
and my love always.
-Deanne Laura Gilbert

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Christmas Cards All Year 'Round
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Scrapping Turtle Junkie
Scrapping Turtle Junkie

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 28, 2006 3:08 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I wish I found these abour two weeks ago!!! I could have used those in my cards!
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Scrapaholic Turtle
Scrapaholic Turtle

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 20, 2007 9:02 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

bumping this up again as it's that time of year!!!! Love

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Christmas Cards All Year 'Round
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Scrapaholic Turtle
Scrapaholic Turtle

Joined: 22 Jun 2006
Posts: 2334
Pictures: 91
Gallery Comments: 192
Location: having fun SCRAPPING!!!

PostPosted: Wed Nov 26, 2008 2:37 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

bump Wave

Am I A Scrap Addict?
Sisterhood of Scrap
Christmas Cards All Year 'Round
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Scrap Happy Turtle
Scrap Happy Turtle

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 26, 2008 8:21 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Clap Clap That was so nice of you to post those. I will definately copy those for use. Clap Clap
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